Hi Jeff,

I have now been using The SFI co-op that you have kindly set up for affiliates and thought it would be an opportune moment to send you my feedback .

During that time I have received 60 bona-fide PSAs from all over the world which is great in helping grow my business.
Compared to others who promise thousands of ‘visitors’ for a lot more money all they deliver are mostly people if not crawlers clicking my site not even visiting. I found this to be counter productive as when I check my stats I see I have 100 visitors daily. WOW! I get excited but soon realise that after 10000 ‘visits’ no one has even downloaded the free newsletter or e-books!

On the other hand your SFI co-op delivers more than what it says on the box. But more importantly the constant and efficient support you give your members is excellent . I know that when I achieve my dreams I will not forget to emulate you and help all the newbies in building their dreams as YOU do.

All my best wishes!

Charles Boustany
P.S. I will be ordering the next 60 before the end of the year to keep the momentum going and build my business.”


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