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At SFI Coop, we understand that there are many internet marketing & digital advertising service providers to select from. SFI Coop is one of the largest Internet traffic providers and digital media services company online.

However, when it comes to affordable pricing, dedication, honesty and outstanding customer service there are none that even come close to SFI Coop. We provide this by constantly evolving and giving our client’s exactly what they want while keeping our prices affordable.

We constantly work to partner with advertising media platforms to build our very own network of high quality websites and internet traffic. Presently, we have over 50,000 websites signed up to our network which specialize in hundreds of different niches and cater to visitors from 40 different locations worldwide. We are continuing to partner with new publishers each day who allow us to display our client’s websites and online services to their visitors. Our network attracts over 20-million unique visitors every month worldwide and this figure is constantly growing.

We market our client’s websites and other online programs to the millions of visitors surfing our advertising network. We use both location and contextual targeting to match visitors to our clients advertising needs. Using our proprietary algorithms and other tests, we remove all of the junk traffic resulting in clean real-human traffic. Using the cleaned traffic, our marketing software filters visitors gender, country of origin and desired niche. This allows us to match to appropriate visitors to the products and services you order.

Our growing advertising network and creative team, allows us to offer constantly offer new services and stay current with today’s Internet marketing trends. Our recipe for success includes:

Website Traffic by Real Humans (Google AdWords Safe)

Guaranteed Signups

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Geographical Targeting

Superior Contextual Targeting

Stats Center Real-time
Tracking of Your Campaign

Competitive Pricing


In 2017, our plan is to focus on expanding or product offerings to include website traffic visitors direct to your website, blog, online store, etc., email marketing, SEO and WordPress design services. At SFI Coop, we are passionate about giving back to help others in need. We care about our planet and strive to be socially responsible citizens. Each day we work to make our business a bit more sustainable. Some of our practices include: printing less, recycling all materials we use, working from our homes, using electronic delivery of documents whenever possible, turning off electronic devices when not in use and work with other like-minded companies. We also partner with data centers who host our servers and Internet equipment in self-sustaining data centers. Most generate most, if not all, of their power using renewable energies and adding back to the power grid. SFI Coop wants to leave our planet better than we found it and we challenge you to do the same. Our first-class support team is here to help you each step of the way. Get started today by visiting our product or service offerings or chat with an online chat advisor. We are always here to help!

In 2016, Jeff transitioned SFI Coop to its present owner and operator Joe Pierce. Joe is a seasoned Internet marketer with the same vision as Jeff. To provide high quality, premium sign-ups to our customers worldwide. Joe has worked with Jeff during the first half of 2016 to ensure a smooth transition. Going forward, we have plans to expand the coop by offering new services, such as a country specific sign-ups, order delivery speed and a unique affiliate program. At the end of 2016, SFI Coop was pleased to have added country specific sign-ups, order delivery speed and gender preferences to our Guaranteed Signups.

SFI Coop was born in 2002 by Jeff Cramer. Jeff started as affiliate for SFI and other network marketing companies. Jeff needed a way to get other individuals to join his SFI team. After several years of building his own team, Jeff f then started to help other affiliates get sign-ups for their teams. This quickly turned into a full-time business and it is what SFI Coop is today. Originally, SFI Coop providing sign-ups for the SFI Internet Marketing program exclusively. But, we discovered our techniques worked for any free to get started program.

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