Targeted Traffic


Looking for high-quality traffic that is 100% Google AdSense and Google Analytics safe? Sfi Coop offers both category and geo-targeted traffic to clients ranging from 300+ niches from 90 plus countries. Targeting categories include countries such as US, Canada, South America, Australia, Spain, UK, France, and Mexico. We also offer clients the ability to target US and Canada based traffic based on time zone. We also allow clients to change category targeting at any given time during the campaign.

Social Website Traffic


Over the years, Sfi Coop managed thousands of social media accounts from different platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Stumble-Upon. With our accounts, we can consistently reach active social media users that can help boost your site’s traffic. What makes our social traffic stand out is its very low bounce rate (less than 20%), not to mention social visitors stay longer on a website than other types of web users. So far, we only offer social traffic for US, Canada, and the UK.

Mobile Traffic


Sfi Coop’s mobile traffic services provide 100% human traffic including 24/7 live statistics of the mobile campaign.

Our mobile traffic services provide an average delivery of 250 to 500 visitors per day. We provide traffic regardless of the mobile platforms whether it is iOS, Android, or even both. Our innovative and targeted mobile traffic package allows users to laser target their traffic and reach geocentric mobile consumers relevant to your niche.


Alex Traffic


Our system has the ability to detect visitors with an Alexa toolbar on their computer. Alexa traffic plays an important role in increasing the Alexa ranking of a particular website over a period of time. For every visitor with an Alexa toolbar raises the rank of the promoted site in the Alexa system. Signs of increased rank take a few weeks.

Adult Traffic


Adult traffic can be a bit tricky given the different regulations that govern this particular niche. SFI Coop simplifies this process to our clients that run their adult websites. We provide targeting specific to your audiences such as having control of the age range and geographical areas to name a few categories. Our adult traffic services result oriented and priced competitively.

Unlimited Traffic


Do you plan on hitting all possible sources of traffic to maximize your presence in the World Wide Web? What about unlimited traffic per month? If you like to get the best of SFI Coop’s traffic services, our unlimited offer covers Alexa, Social, Mobile, and Targeted traffic that give you to get the most eyeballs on your website. It is designed for website owners that have the insight to turn their website into a popular high traffic site.

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