Tired of fake traffic and fake signups? Tired of getting no results?




What are the different types of traffic you offer?
We offer 3 types of traffic currently. Targeted Traffic – This is traffic that can be both categories targeted and geo-targeted. The category targeting can be changed at any time during the campaign. Alexa Traffic – This is traffic that is exposed only to surfers who have the Alexa Toolbar installed on their computer. The traffic will help to increase a website overall Alexa ranking. Adult Traffic (Mature) – Mature traffic or Adult traffic is geared towards sites that fall into the realm of ‘If you don’t want your kids seeing it, it goes here’.  
What type of sites are accepted?
We maintain various networks in order to deliver traffic based on the advertiser’s websites make up. The highest quality network is our premium network. The premium network is reserved for websites that do not contain any visitor annoyances. These are websites that are free from sound, videos that play automatically, and any type of browser modification such as pop-ups and frame breakers. This is our fastest network with the widest reach. The next network is our sound network. These are reserved for websites that contain sound, music or video that plays automatically. WWebsitesin this network may not contain any type of browser modification such as Java pop-ups or frame breakers. This network is available to most mainstream countries. Traffic delivery is slower than our premium network. For this reason, we recommend that advertisers when at all possible provide alternative sites that do not contain sound so that they may run on the premium network. Your customer should also be made aware that because of sound their orders may be delivered in a slower manner than anticipated. Many of our publishers have opted out from serving ads with sound due to the annoyance it causes their visitor base. Our last network is reserved for those sites that either break out of our tracking frame or contain a Java pop up. These sites are restricted to a maximum of 500 visitors per day. They may also only target a worldwide audience. These types of sites cannot be targeted to a specific country. Please note that while we will alert you if your order is in violation and must go in this network. We have not received a response from you within three business days we will automatically run the advertisement through a worldwide market regardless of what geo-targeting is selected. Each order is placed through our network is given a fraud rating. This rating is designed to detect possible issues with an order that may result in some sort of fraudulent activity such as phishing or passing malicious viruses or malware. Our staff is well trained in detecting the probability that a website will turn fraudulent. We have maintained a success rate of over 99% over the last six years. If we feel that a site will turn fraudulent during a campaign. We reserve the right to reject the order and inform you of our findings.
When will my order start?
Our automated approval system is set to scan and start your orders 24/7/365 with an average wait time of around 5 minutes from activation. In some instances, if your order does not pass our automated approval filters and requires inspection by one of our approval staff, this can increase wait times.  
What are the current targeted niches you offer?
Automotive Business Opps Business Services Career Casino Computer/Electronics Education Entertainment Family Financial Services Food & Drinks Games Gifts Health Home & Garden Insurance Services Legal Services Medical Services Recreation & Leisure Shopping Special Events Sports & Fitness Telecommunications Travel Web Services Fashion – Accessories Diet & Exercise Male Targeting Female Targeting Middle Class Upper Class Sportsman Credit Cards & Loans Age By 55 and Older Age By 25 – 54 Age By 18 – 24 Seasonal Beauty Real Estate Auctions Pets / Supplies Music Movies College Students Investments Jewelry Software Home Improvement Toys Parents Webmasters Politics Multi-Level Marketing Social Networking Dating & Personals Web Hosting Babies Homeowners Language – Spanish Language – Chinese Language – French Language – German Education – K-12 Education – Higher Mobile Services – Cellular Mobile Services – PDA Mobile Services – GPS Politics – Democrat Politics – Republican Celebritites Travel – Airline Travel – Cruise Automotive – Sales Automotive – Parts Automotive – Aftermarket Automotive – Custom Automotive – Fuel Travel – Car Travel – Vacations Teenagers Food – Cooking Food – Dining Gifts – Flowers Gifts – Cards Fitness – Equipment Fitness – Instructional Fitness – Nutritional Diet – Services Diet – Supplements Diet – Instructional Health – Mens Health – Womens Health – Children Health – Prescriptions Event – Wedding Event – Graduation Event – New Parents Health – Senior Health – Insurance Career – Home-based Career – Search Food – Nutritional Computer – PC Computer – MAC Computer – Repair Computer – Upgrades Computer – Hardware Software – PC Software – MAC Software – Linux Religion Astrology and Horoscopes Art Religion – Christian Information Products Income Opportunities Loans Loans – Personal Loans – Auto Loans – Mortgage Employment Home Business Fashion Accessories Fashion – Apparel Green Living Environment Self Help / Improvement Marriage / Wedding Pest Control Real Estate Mortgage Vitamins / Supplements Antiques Wine Wrestling Web Design Web Resources Games – Video Games – PC Games – Family Games – Board Media Trivia Transportation Tourism Animals Advertising Media Astronomy Audio Audio – Car Audio – Home Personal Advice Rims & Wheels Smoking – Tobacco Smoking – Cigarettes Smoking – Cigars Smoking – Pipes Automotive – Cars Automotive – Trucks Automotive – ATV Automotive – Rental Babies / Expectant Bathroom Beauty – Supplies Beauty – Makeup Beauty – Hair Training Trading Online Top Web Sites Time Shares Tickets Television Telephones and Service Tea and Coffee Tax Stories and Poems Stocks Spyware and Adware Sports Skateboards Cosmetics and Perfume Crafts & Craft Making Domain Names Credit Cards Dance Debt Consolidation Ebooks Education Exhibitions & Conventions Eye Care Costumes and Uniforms Computer – Advice Comics Collectibles Clothes Clocks and Watches Clipart Christian Charity Chatrooms Cellular Service Cellular Phones Car Audio Candy and Confectionary Candles Camping Business Building Bridal Boxing Books Boats Bicycles Bathroom Babies Fabrics Farming Fashion Fashion – Men Fashion – Woman Fashion – Children Finance Fire Fighters Fishing Flights Flooring Forums Free Stuff Friends and People Furniture Gardening Genealogy Geography Golf Government Hair Handbags High Tech History Hobbies Hockey Home Electronics Home Furnishings Horses Hotels Humor and Fun Ice Skating Ice Hockey Income Opportunities Industry Information Insurance and Banking Internet Services Jobs and Career Counselling Kids Kids Activities Kitchen Language Law and Law Enforcement Liquor and Alcohol Loans Law Law Enforcement Magazines Maps Marketing – Internet Marketing – Non Internet Match Making Medical Run of Network Money Making Cash Gifting Medical Motorcycles MP3 Musical Instruments Myspace Nature NBA NCAA NHL Office Supplies Outdoor Organized Sports Personal Advice Celebrities Pets Police Photography Plants Posters Printers and Supplies Property – Commercial Property – Residential Ringtones Rollerskating Rollerblading Safety and Security Sales Self Defense Satellite TV School Science Self Help Self Improvement Seniors Retirement Services Shoes and Foot Products YouTube – Related Online Storage Blogs Online Storage Coupons Interior Design Special Ocassions Party Supplies Football Football – NFL Technology Luxury
Will the traffic increase YouTube views?
The simple answer is no. Youtube has gone to great lengths to discourage people from using traffic (mass visitor) services from increasing YouTube views. Every time a video plays it costs YouTube money for bandwidth and the like.  here are currently no providers out there that can truly provide this service. We are looking into some methods to help move this along, however.
Can I send traffic to my YouTube video?
While we allow YouTube links, we do not guarantee how many views will be counted by YouTube if any. YouTube has gone to great lengths to discourage the use of traffic generation services to falsely inflate views.
What are the benefits of the Social Traffic?
Social Traffic brings many benefits, some include:


  • All Social Media Visitors are IP Unique, fully trackable and engaged.
  • 100% trackable using Google Analytics and other popular tracking systems. Regardless of what you use to track your visitors, we have you covered.
  • 100% verifiable in Webmaster Tools.100% Google AdSense friendly.
  • 100% Google AdSense friendly. Since these visitors come directly from high traffic social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, you can rest assured your AdSense ads are safe.
  • Pop-ups, exit pops, frame breaker’s, video and sound are ALL allowed. With this traffic, anything goes. With the exception of download prompts and viruses of course.
  • Very low bounce rates (20% or less). Social Media visitors are active surfers by nature.  Many advertisers are seeing bounce rates near 0%!
  • Social Visitors stay longer. Tired of views that only last a little while?  Social Visitors stay on the site 3x longer than most other types of surfers.
What is geo-targeting?
Geo-targeting allows us to target users from a specific country of origin. While we can target most countries, the volume for the specialized country is very little. For this reason we off US, Canada, Australia, UK and a few others. Currently, over 80% of our network is US Based. 10% Canada, 6% UK 2% Australia, and the rest is made up of over 20 other countries.
How do you determine geo-targeting?
We use the latest IP databases provided by Arin.net to establish what country of origin the users IP is from. This method is over 99% accurate in determining country.
What are the different geo-targetted locations offered?
United States USA – Eastern USA – Central USA – Mountain USA – Pacific Canada North America Worldwide United Kingdom South America Australia China India Belgium Germany European Union Spain Asia Middle Eastern Mexico Italy Africa Philippines Singapore Malaysia Thailand Netherlands Puerto Rico France Sweden New Zealand Portugal Japan Greece Brazil Indonesia Vietnam Kuwait Estonia Panama Brunei Peru Romania Norway Denmark Poland Romania Switzerland If you would like to have additional countries added to the system, please submit a support ticket for review. We offer traffic from over 200 countries but currently only list the top ones.
Do you prevent adfoc.us or adf.ly links in your network?
The short answer is no. These websites are advertising networks that alternate various types of content through their links. Because of our inability to determine what specific sites are being passed through our network, we have chosen not to accept them at this time. There have been many instances in the past where these networks were passing viruses and malicious software to our network to our publisher’s users. in addition, these networks violate our frame breaking terms.
What methods do you recommend for tracking?
Our servers track visitors in real time as they pass through our network. Each time a visitor lands on your advertiser’s website for more than 20 seconds we count this as 1 visitor and deduct it from your account One method we highly recommend to use is a Goo.gl ad tracker. This allows you to view a common 3rd party report showing numbers. If you order 10,000 visitors and Goo.gl shows 8000 visitors we will make up the difference until Goo.gl reflects exactly the number you purchased. Goo.gl is very reliable and if the site being advertised is down or overloaded the Goo.gl URL is still being tracked. Please note that while we will do our best to deliver the Goo.gl matches within the time frame selected, we can not guarantee the time frames 100% due to resets that take place on a daily basis. Should you choose not to use the above-recommended methods, then we recommend using some type of image-based stats counter. This would be such counters as those provided by statcounter.com and hitstats.com WE DO NOT ACCEPT GOOGLE ANALYTICS AS PROOF OF DELIVERY. Everyone automatically assumes because it is Google, it is good. Google Analytics (GA) is one of the worst tracking systems developed for tracking redirect traffic. Time and time again this tracking simply causes problems with any type of redirect traffic. The main reason being that GA cannot read 3rd party cookies, this makes it impossible to read a cookie set through our redirect and tracking scripts which make the user invisible to GA. For this reason, we strongly advise you steer clear of using GA as your method of tracking.
Where does your traffic come from?
Our network owns and operates many well-known internet websites. Our current portfolio consists of over 8500 websites internet wide, including 3 established search engines, 2 internet service providers, movie sites, social networking sites, online gaming sites, and a well-known domain registrar which currently hosts over 9700 ad-supported websites (expired domain traffic). Our network currently consists of 60% pop-under traffic, 30% interstitial traffic and 10% expired domain traffic.
What is premium network traffic?
Premium simply means that your link will be placed in the best possible site rotation. In order to qualify for premium status, your site may not contain any of the following.


  • Frame breakers or busters
  • Sound of any kind
  • Pops of any kind
  • Browser altering codes
  • Download / exit prompts
What type of report will I have access to?
Once your order has been approved, you will be provided with a Stats Center account. We will also set up a goo.gl link with Google, which will allow clients to get more detailed tracking information. If you wish to install a script for tracking on your website, we recommend using www.statcounter.com or www.extremetracking.com. We do not recommend using Google Analytics, Awstats, and other similar 3rd party scripts. They are not accurate with our delivery method. Below is an example of a goo.gl report which we provide at no additional charge. SFI Coop goo.gl report  
What if the link has sound?
While we welcome sound ads, we can not guarantee volumes for sound related ads. Many companies that serve ads with us simply do not want their visitors to be annoyed with sound. For this reason, most campaigns will run slow. At times if you have a very non-mainstream country site such as Iran, sound ads may not run at all.
What is a Java pop-up?
A java pop-up is any pop that happens, that prevents a user from leaving a website without requiring them to select Yes or Leave this page. These are annoyances that are not allowed. In the event we see this, your advertiser’s site will be run on a worldwide raw network. There is no way around this.
What is Alexa traffic?
Alexa traffic is traffic specifically designed to help an individual site increase their traffic ranking with Alexa.com over a period of time. Each visitor deliver through this methods has the Alexa toolbar installed on their computer allowing each visitor to count in the Alexa system and helping to raise the ranking for the promoted site. On average promotion can take up to a few weeks before showing any signs of increased rank. This largely depends on the users current Alexa ranking.  
Why is my Alexa traffic slow?
Since Alexa traffic is limited to only those visitors that have the toolbar installed, delivery can be much slower. If you notice that your account is getting less than 25-50 visitors per day, it may have been assigned to a slow feed. It is recommended at that point that you open a support ticket for investigation.  
What are the guidelines for adult related sites?

While we welcome adult orders of any kind please note that we will not accept the following into our adult network. Orders that contain sound. Orders that contain frame breakers. Orders that contain a Java exit pop/exit loop (except worldwide). Orders that depict underage persons or any other type of illegal content. Please note that each country has its own laws governing pornographic material. Because of this geotargeting may be limited to exclude certain countries and regions.

What are the general order guidelines?

Sites from other countries such as Russia .ru, Germany .de, and India .in must target the country they originate in. Due to high rates of virus infections, these countries will be forbidden to market to the US. We will no longer accept URLs ending in .co.cc or .tk, of the 150 placed over the last year 100% were infections and fraudulent. We will not allow invasive 3rd party ad company to piggyback on our network. These include adf.ly, adfoc.us, and a few others. We will notify you if there is a piggyback problem. We reserve the right to automatically refund these type of orders without notification. Sites that contain Java pops can only run in our Raw, Run of Network, Worldwide market and will be limited to a 1000 daily cap. A Java pop is an annoyance that prevents a user from leaving the website without clicking on some type of window. It is highly advised that you consult your customers beforehand and request a link that does not contain the annoyance. The limited cap DOES NOT guarantee that the cap will be reached. The amount of traffic delivered could be as low as single digits. All adult-related websites (toys, erotic dating) must be run on the mature network. If your site contains nudity or provocative materials, it must be assigned to the mature network. Adult related ads may not contain any type of sound or any type of pop or script that stops a window from being closed directly. Adult ads that violate our terms will be automatically refunded back to inventory. While we gladly welcome sound ads, please note the following:

  • Sound ads must run on a different network and traffic will be drastically slower at times as only 10% of our network sites run sound ads.Ads containing sound may only run in their respective language geotarget or Worldwide market. Spanish sound ads can only run in predominate Spanish speaking
  • Ads containing sound may only run in their respective language geotarget or Worldwide market. Spanish sound ads can only run in predominate Spanish speaking geo-targets.

Sites that contain no content or contain errors will not be started. If the issue has not been resolved within 72 hours, the orders will be refunded. You may set up this order again for reapproval. Sites that break out of our tracking frames, will be set to receive a maximum of 100 visitors or less per day and will target a worldwide audience. This does not guarantee that 100 will be reached and may be in the single digits. All goo.gl links must be fresh. Previously used links or this will result in tracking errors that we can not correct.

My Goo.gl report do not match up, what's wrong?
Our advertising team reviews the numbers reported by Goo.gl and makes adjustments to our systems on a daily basis. Please be patient as we are aware of the difference and will correct this in a timely manner.
Is your traffic Google Adsense safe?

Google provides a detailed list of instances that are not accepted by the AdSense program. According to Google’s Adsense Terms of Service, our service is in 100% compliance with their Term’s of Service and therefore deemed to be AdSense safe.

Does your traffic show in Google Analytics?
  Google Analytics only reads visits that use a first party cookie. Our system sets 3rd party cookies due to our tracking features, that Google Analytics can not read. While Google Analytics will pick up a few visitors, it is not the preferred method. We advise all customers to us the Goo.gl tracking service to ensure accuracy.
Why is my traffic coming from the same IP address?
If your see visits that are coming from the same IP, chances are you are looking at the referral IP instead of the actual visitor IP. The referral IP will remain mostly the same as these are the IPs of the ad servers that are redirecting the traffic to your site. However, they do not reflect the IP addresses of the actual visitors to your site.
What is the maximum amount of traffic you can deliver in one day?

Our system is capable of delivering millions of visitors per day. However how many a specific campaign can receive in a day is based on a number of factors.

  1. What is the geotarget of the order?
  2. What is the interest target of the order?
  3. Is the order free from sound?
  4. Does the order contain any type of popup or exit window?
  5. Does the site contain a redirect of any type?

Since each order is dynamic based on these questions, you would be best suited to open a support ticket which should include the website address. This will help us best answer these questions more accurately.

Why do I see http://https:// for my https:// order?
If you have recently submitted a URL that contains https you will notice that in your backend, it will appear as http://https. This is simply a security precaution when the URL is printed in the admin. The URL is correct in the system, however.
When do you reset goo.gl numbers to match?
It depends greatly. We try to review orders on a daily basis. At any given time we have between 7000-10000 active Goo.gl URLs. These are managed on a daily basis outside of weekends. When a campaign has been completed according to our system it becomes a little more complicated. We have a dedicated team that handles the orders once they are completed by our system and have not yet been checked and their stats certified. However, this number can range as high as 25,000 accounts on any given day. Please be patient as we work to get these updated.
Do you offer mobile traffic?
Yes. Mobile Traffic is available.
Do you accept bit.ly as a means of tracking?
When placed head to head with other tracking services like Goo.gl, Bit.ly performs 20% less efficiently. For this reason, if you choose not to use Goo.gl we can only guarantee up to 80% on Bit.ly URLs. There is one exception in which if you use Bit.ly to track UK campaigns we will guarantee them at 100% but only for UK campaigns.
Can I restore an archived order?

Unfortunately once an order is removed or archived from our system there is no way to restore this. You will need to create a new order.

How do I add casino traffic?

There is no upcharge for casino traffic. It can be purchased either as regular targeted traffic or adult traffic depending on the content of the casino site. Each inventory type has a casino target. This is how you would then specify the account as a casino order.

What is the maximum amount of days a campaign can run?
While we prefer campaigns to run no longer than 30 days, you can extend a campaign out for as long as 365 days or 1 year.
Goo.gl is not tracking UK visitors.
For some reason, Goo.gl does not log UK visitors. It will log the traffic to the URL but does not assign it to any country. For this reason, we will accept Bit.ly URLs for UK traffic for a 100% match. Please note we only guarantee Bit.ly at 100% match for UK campaigns only.
What is your geo-target accuracy?
Our geo-targeting options are around 95% accurate. This is due to a few factors. The internet IP systems are managed by ARIN.net. Each day this company allocates IPs from one country to another depending on demand. An IP address that once belonged to the UK can be moved to France overnight. In an effort to keep up with the constant changes, our network updates the IP records in our database once per week. If the service that is being used to track geotargeting by the customer is only updated once per month or per quarter (3 months) While our tracking is very accurate, their reporting will not be. It is impossible for anyone to guarantee 100% for this matter but we do strive to maintain a 99% accuracy with most tracking companies.
What countries cover your Middle East geo-target?
The geo-targets we currently include the Middle East are: Bahrain Cyprus Egypt Iran Iraq Israel Jordan Kuwait Lebanon Northern Cyprus Oman Palestine Qatar Saudi Arabia Syria Turkey The United Arab Emirates Yemen
Do you allow sound?
Adult / Mature Traffic. Autoplay is not permitted on any adult ads regardless of the country target. Targeted and Alexa Traffic. Autoplay is allowed on Alexa and Pop Under traffic BUT the following will apply. US sound ads will deliver very slowly. There is limited availability of sound ads and a large demand. On average a site with a sound that is US based will get about 50-100 visitors per day max. This can be as little as 10 visitors per day as well. Add to other countries will run just as they would if they did not contain sound. Before contacting support regarding how slow an ad is running please verify that is does not have sound.
What is Run of Network?
Run of Network simply makes the ad available to any category that does not have any further ads to run. We do not store the categories that call for the ads, however. Run of the network would be our fastest delivery option as it is available to all 300+ categories we target.
What are the dimensions of your pop-under windows?
When launching a window we check the visitor’s screen resolution in order to provide a fully expanded window in which to display your site. This ensures that no part of your site is unviewable.
Do you accept Clickbank links?

While we can accept Clickbank, please note that the majority of Clickbank orders contain what we consider annoyances. If your ClickBank order contains a frame breaker, it will be limited to 100 visits per day Worldwide. If it contains an exit prompt that prevents a user from leaving the site, then it will be sent to a raw (non-unique) worldwide network. There are no exceptions to these 2 annoyances. Please be sure that your Clickbank link is clean and free of these annoyances.

When I add an order I get a Forbiddenmessage.
If you are getting a forbidden message, this means that a keyword in your order is being flagged. We maintain high levels of security on our servers, and this can be a side effect at times. In these cases, it is best to mask a URL with a shortened URL service such as Goo.gl. While the error can be resolved, it requires root access to our security systems. Since only a handful of our staff members have this type of access, the period in which the message can be corrected can take up to 24 hours.
Mobile Traffic - What countries can I target?
Currently, our mobile traffic system is available to the United States, Canada, and the UK.  
Mobile Traffic - What targets are available?
Our mobile traffic network offers the same interest targeting as our regular network. Any category that is available to our mainstream traffic network is available for mobile use as well.
I want to target a country you do not offer. What can I do?
If you want to target a country that we do not list as an option, you will first need to open a ticket to find out the volume for that country. At this point, we will give you a number. The number will usually be on the lower end, this being the reason it is not on our list. If the number is acceptable, then you will want to create the order using the Customer Geotarget option. Once the order is in place, you can then reply to your support ticket with the ad id. Even if the order is approved before the change is made, it will not receive traffic as it is in a suspended state. Once the change is made, the traffic will begin coming in.
When are your minimum and maximum time spans allowed?
Campaigns can be set up to run for a minimum of 1 day and a maximum of 365 days (1-year.)
What is your minimum order?

We have a $30 minimum order fee.

What does CPM mean?

The advertising acronym CPM stands for cost per thousand impressions, which is a measurement of how much money it costs you to reach 1,000 readers, viewers, visitors or listeners.

Can you send traffic to Facebook pages?
Yes. While we can send traffic to Facebook pages, we cannot guarantee how the page will react if people viewing the site do not have or are not logged into Facebook. We would advise that you use a Goo.gl shortener to help track these types of campaigns.
How do you generate traffic?
Traffic is delivered to our advertisers through a variety of methods. Each visitor is generated through our extensive network of target-specific websites. We deliver traffic through the use of full-page pop-unders, pop-ups, expired domain traffic, interstitial ads and domain park pages. There is no way to separate the various methods, however.
Can I send traffic to Youtube?

While we allow Youtube links, we do not guarantee how many views will be counted by Youtube if any. Youtube has gone to great lengths to discourage the use of traffic generation services to falsely inflate views.

Why should I use Goo.gl for tracking?
With every provider there is decay. This decay happens for a number of reasons from ad blockers, to closed-windows, to disabled javascript. It is impossible for us to predict a user’s actions when an ad is displayed which means, we recommend Goo.gl as the most reliable source for closing the decay gap. Let’s say that there is a 30% decay rate. We send you 1000 but Goo.gl only records 700. The next day, our system will reset your ads back down to 700. So while you expected 1000, we reset to 700. This ultimately delays the completion of your order. When using Goo.gl, we recommend setting your daily needs 50% higher than you actually need. This is because no matter how great the traffic is, no one can guarantee 100% or even 90%. If you on a specific ballpark number every day, it is best to set it a little higher. Goo.gl is not put in place as a measure to say it will track 100% of incoming traffic. It is put in place as a reliable 3rd party tracking system that all parties can attest to. We guarantee that in the end (possibly a few days outside of the delivery window) our stats and Goo.gl stats will be 100%+ of what you ordered.  
What does the Traffic Goal mean?
The goal tells us what the customer’s purpose is for purchasing the traffic. Is it for Adsense clicks? Is it for leads? Is it for sales? It helps us to determine how to get the best results for your customers. It does not guarantee anything but allows us to tailor traffic a little better.
How doses Social Traffic work?

For the past few years, we have been managing thousands of social media accounts for companies and developing massive accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon and more! With these accounts, we are able to reach Millions of very active social media followers every single day. As part of our management agreements, we maintain a 10% share of the advertising rights used to reach these users every day. We use this ad space ( banner ads, status updates, and tweets) to draw visitors into our niche targeting pools and then distribute them to the advertisers in that pool. For instance, let’s say you are selling purses. We may drop a status update related to shopping on our Fashion related fan site with over 3.7 million fans or promote “The latest dating sites” on singles related Twitter account with over 4 million followers. If you were to combine the followers and fans into one giant pool, we have the ability to reach over 114,000,000 social media users. Chances are you are a fan or follower of more than one of our managed accounts already. For various reasons, our Social Media Traffic is only available in the US as we manage only English language accounts. Europe and Worldwide will soon be available as well. However, the majority (90%) of the fans/follower base is located in the US, and volumes from other countries were too low to have considerable offerings but check back often if you are not in the US market.

Can you promote my link directly?
Unfortunately no. It is against policy to sell your status space to outsiders. This type of activity gets social media accounts banned. While we can sell the click that was generated from a niche targeted status, we cannot sell the status directly. Also by promoting your site directly on a status or tweet belonging to a large company, it may be seen as a type of endorsement from that company about your product or service. You can imagine that athletes and celebrities get paid millions for their endorsements. Directly endorsing your site, without their permission could land all of us in a lot of trouble. Instead, we can only post general updates targeted towards a niche of sites, rather than only 1. So if someone is looking to promote a new cooking pan, we would have to say something like “Do you like to cook? Then you are going to love this! We promise. Click Now.” This will direct them to your site or another cooking related site in our network.
Can you tell me what accounts you manage?

While we would love to, the legal agreements with our clients stop us from doing so. Many of these companies are either publicly held or in the public eye. Either way, all of them want to be sure they are covered from every end. Unless we get express written permission from these companies, we have to keep the lid on for now. It is obvious however that the visitors are coming from where you would expect them to. All referrers will show as a mixture of social media platforms or the direct platform you have selected (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) etc.

Can I send mobile traffic to a Facebook page?
Yes. You can send mobile visitors to a Facebook page.
My Goo.gl link has been disabled. Why?
If you are seeing this type of message when visiting your Goo.gl short link, then Goo.gl has simply flagged the order. This can happen with adult and affiliate type sites quite often. If you are seeing this error please open a support ticket or use a bit.ly URL instead.
Can I run Amazon or eBay links?
Yes. We do allow Amazon, eBay, and Etsy links. Please make note that these types of the site require specific types of traffic, because of this delivery may be slower than anticipated. There are always changes we can make to speed up orders, so it is a good idea to keep an eye on these and contact our customer help team if you notice numbers are a bit lacking.