Tired of fake traffic and fake signups? Tired of getting no results?



About Guaranteed Signups

Does my website, program, company, etc. qualify?


Probably. We work with hundreds, if not thousands, of work from home, home business, traffic exchange, multi-level marketing, affiliate marketing and many more programs/sites. All we ask is that your website be home business / business opportunity oriented and that the initial sign-up is free to members.

We only recommend pages that require at most the visitor’s name and email address. Pages that require telephone numbers and/or other information cannot be guaranteed as they are much harder to get users to opt-in. More information can be found on our Guaranteed Sign-ups Guideline’s page.

Do you pay or offer other incentives to get people to sign-up?

Absolutely not! We use different forms of advertising including ad domains, banner ads, pay-per-click, popups, text ads, solo ads, exit pages etc. We never pay a viewer to join your program. That would defeat the purpose of guaranteed signups.

How long will it take to my sign-ups?

Delivery times will vary depending on the time of year, your niche market, requested information to join, the number of viewers interested in joining your program, etc. Your sign-ups should start be delivered within 72-hours after your order has been verified and we start to advertise your site. Once they start coming in, it is very difficult to predict how fast they will come in. Our normal delivery time is 30 to 45 business days.

However, wish our rush delivery your program is advertised ahead of all other orders and sign-ups are usually delivered within 10 business days.You can always check the status of your order(s) at the SFI Coop Stats Center. Due to the advertising methods we use, the actual delivery time to complete your order may vary.

We never pay anyone to sign-up to your site. This can make the delivery process longer, however these sign-ups are truly interested in your site. Another factor is the popularity of your site/program. If you are advertising a highly popular program it may take longer to complete your order because we have to advertise your site more frequently and in more places.

Are these sign-ups guaranteed and will they convert?

100% – We run your link on our network until all the sign ups you ordered have joined your site, affiliate link, blog, etc. Conversions will depend entirely on how well your marketing efforts are after you receive the sign-up. We filter out over 95% of the junk traffic, require some users we suspect to be robots to pass Recaptchatest(s), and other proprietary checks to ensure they are real human signups. Keep in mind, we do NOT monetize signups in any way. Therefore, junk or fake signups would have no incentive to sign up with your site, affiliate link, blog, etc.

We recommend you reach out to the sign-up immediately upon joining and treat them as any other signup you receive to your website. An autoresponder email series is a great follow-up system because once it’s setup you can basically forget it unless you need to make tweaks to the email series.

These signups should be considered HOT because they have explicitly expressed their interest joining your website. Ultimately the conversion rate depends on your follow through with the sign-up.


What is a confirmed signup?

A confirmed signup is a sign up that takes place in which we require the person who signed-up to confirm an email sent to their email address before the lead can be considered validated. Please note that for confirmed signups, we guarantee that the person will follow through on the confirmation process in their email. If a person fails to confirm within a 10-day period, we will replace the lead at no cost.

Do you track the guaranteed sign-ups to my website?

We use several methods of tracking. One of the ways we track sign-ups is through our proprietary order tracking software. Each order goes through an editing stage where one of our editors visits your website and completes a test sign-up. This ensures that your link is working correctly and allows the editor to see what will happen after he/she completes the signup process. This test sign-up is in no way count towards the number of guaranteed sign-ups you ordered.

Once your campaign is underway we then track some real sign-ups to ensure they are successfully completing your signup process as well. If at any point we detect a problem we will pause your campaign to resolve the issue. If you are not receiving signups once the campaign goes live or notice issues contact our support team immediately.

You can always check the status of your order(s) at the SFI Coop Stats Center.

When signing into the Stats Center it is extremely important to make sure you sign into the correct tracker. For example, if you are checking the stats for your Guaranteed Signups then you will need to sign in to the Guaranteed Signups tracker.

Once you are signed into the Stats Center then, you’ll be able to view all of your orders, check the signup information (like the customer’s name, the date they joined and email address), how many GSU were delivered today, how many were delivered to date and how many were purchased.

Why do my leads have the same IP address?

From time to time certain programs may display the same or similar IP addresses in the SFI Stats Center. This is a rare occurrence. However, if it does happen then your system is more than likely picking up the IP address of our ad server. Since we capture the information as it is submitted on your website, sometimes certain tracking systems can grab the IP address of the server connected to it, rather than the IP address of the actual user. It is possible to resolve this by making a few changes to your server side tracking scripts. Please let us know if you need assistance in doing this.

How do you get the sign-ups? Where do they come from?

SFI Coop DOES NOT pay or provide other incentives to viewers to join your program.

We market to people interested in various niches, for example, work from home, home business, traffic exchange, multi-level marketing, affiliate marketing and more. When a viewer is interested in our ads they are redirected to a page containing over 20 links to popular business opportunities. From there when a viewer clicks an advertisement, they are directed to your signup URL. If the viewer chooses to join, their information is captured then they follow your normal signup process. And now you have a new sign-up direct to your downline! If they choose not to join, our software skips them and moves to the next viewer.

This advertising process keeps running until a viewer does join your program. Only the viewers that choose to join are counted as a sign-up. This process ensures that we receive highly motivated individuals to join your team and not bots or spam sign-ups. Should our proprietary advertising software detect a bot or spam script attempting to sign-up, measures are in place to reject the traffic and block them from our advertisements. Any viewer that is skipped does NOT count as a sign-up. Only a viewer who has completed the registration process is counted a sign-up.

PLEASE NOTE: We never pay or provide other incentives to viewers to join your program. People who do join are searching for a real work from home, home business, multi-level marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. program. When they see a program they like then they join. Only because they want to. Paying someone to join your program would defeat the intent of a Guaranteed Signup program. Incentivized viewers will never become active because their only intent was to collect the bounty offered to join. Unfortunately, some providers of “Guaranteed Signups” services do not adhere to these practices and pay or provide other incentives to viewers to join your program.



What if a sign-up has a bad email address?


We will replace it! Just provide us with the bad sign-up email address. As long as we can verify that the lead came from our system and the email address bounces back, we will credit your account with a replacement signup credit.

Can I run CPA offers?

CPA offers are considered to be an at your own risk type order. We have had many offers to run CPAs from CPA companies directly and our experience is they did not pay out as our leads came in. Sometimes they did, sometimes they did not. Sometimes they paid on some but not others. The inconsistency we experienced with these networks was far from acceptable.

If you choose to run a CPA offer (per our terms and conditions) we do not guarantee:

  • the CPA company will pay for each lead derived from our system
  • a lead will continue beyond the first page of an offer
  • the program will fill within a 30 day period. Since we promote to home business seekers and MLMers they people are not looking for your offer directly. Because of this CPA ads are only run in spaces where inventory has run out and are not heavily promoted like other programs.
  • that rush orders will fill within 7-10 days. However rush orders will get a higher promotion rate than CPAs that are not rush

CPA offer leads can NOT be disputed if the CPA company does not pay on the lead. We will replace the lead however if the email is invalid. Any issues with non-payment should be addressed to the CPA manager of the company the offer is ran through. Our Customer Support team will not investigate these matters.

My website charges for memberships. Can I still use your program?

Sorry no. You can only use our service if your initial offering is free. This means a visitor can sign up for a free tour or trial basis without having to give payment information. After they signup they are your customer. Work to convert them into a paying member of your site.