How We Work

We are frequently asked how does this work? How do you generate traffic or capture signups for our page? Are your visitors real?

Sfi Coop produces traffic by showing your site to real guests surfing our publisher network. We do not use fake or black hat marketing techniques just to generate traffic or signups to your page.

Since 2008, we have been working to build relationships with websites, marketing programs, and other traffic networks that we believe could significantly benefit our customers.

We are constantly working to ensure the growth and expansion of SFI Coop. To do this, we reach out to popular blogs, websites and social media platforms that receive millions of unique visitors each month and invite them to join our publisher network.

Our constantly growing network of more than 25,000 websites gives us a worldwide audience reach of over 21.5 million unique visitors (and growing) each month. Our network specializes in hundreds of different niches and caters to visitors from over 40 different locations worldwide. We are constantly looking to find and acquire new publishers each day that allows us to display our clients’ websites to their visitors.

One of the most important factors in online advertising is targeting the correct audience. We use a combination of contextual targeting and geo-targeting to match our clients’ websites to visitor’s surfing our publishers’ network.

Selecting the correct contextual targeting is fundamental to getting the best results out of your advertising campaign and should not be overlooked.

We currently have over 325 different contextual targets to choose from and can provide web traffic from more than 50 locations worldwide.

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