To create a successful website, a great approach would be to set up quality content sites designed to rank highly in the search engines. When done right, this basic approach can bring in a lot of free website traffic and income for you.

But how can you do this in the fastest and easiest way? This straightforward 5 step plan should help you get results fast:

Step 1: Pick A Good Niche To Work With.

First you need a decent theme to write about. All the webpages will need to be relevant to one clearly defined topic to appeal to readers and search engines. You can start with a theme that interests you and next verify that it has profit potential.

The best thing to do if you want to build a successful website is to pick an area where there are lots of products being sold online. Simply pick a topic where you can find existing affiliate programs or one where a lot of people are paying for pay per click advertising. This is proof that it has profit potential.

Step 2 – Do Competitive Keyword Phrase Research.

Once you have the general topic defined, use automated research software to find out exactly what your target audience wants. You will quickly discover what people are searching for and how easy each key phrase will be to compete for.

This information is invaluable. By utilizing automated keyword research software, you’ll be able to find openings with minimal competition. Start by building a website structure map before doing anything else.

Step 3 – Build Your Authority Site.

When you have finished your keyword phrase research, it is time to begin developing your site. The fastest way to do this is to use content management software like WordPress to handle the technical aspects. There are lots of plugins and customization options available to make sure your site is optimized for the search engines. Just use a simple text focused layout theme with minimum distractions.

Publish your content in a themed silo structure using main webpages and sub-pages based on your keyword research. This will give more relevance to each group of pages and better long-term rankings. Simply take your keyword phrase outline and create one page specifically intended to rank well for each keyword phrase. Add unique sub-pages continually to focus on more and more specific keyword terms when you start building traffic.

Step 4: Generate Income From Your Site.

Now it’s time to begin bringing in readers and make money from your traffic. There are numerous ways to do this. You need to focus on building a responsive optin list in order to keep in contact with people. Just make them an offer to receive valuable free messages from you, and your list of loyal readers will turn into a very good business asset over time.

Next you will want to bring in revenue. I recommend using either associate programs or pay per click ads such as Adsense to earn money from your traffic. Just feature prominent advertisements in key places on all your webpages, and you will find that a certain percent of your readers will visit them and produce profits for you. It’s automated, and easy to do.

Step 5: Drive Visitors To The Site.

As soon as you have everything set up, it’s the perfect time to start promoting. Your mission is to get your site to rank higher and higher in the search engines over time. And the way to ensure this happens is to get other websites to link back to you using your particular key phrases in the hyperlink text.

The initial tip is to make sure your content is good enough to make people want to link to you. Once you have that covered, you should do everything you can to get inbound links from high quality websites. Good techniques can include article syndication, participating in relevant blogs and forums, as well as putting automated web 2.0 sharing tools on your webpages. When you start getting targeted traffic, your search positions will increase gradually.

Once you break this down, it’s all very simple and you can have a new specialized niche website set up surprisingly quickly using this approach. Start with a couple of main information pages and posts, then add more detailed sub-articles gradually. If you do that, the work you invest one time should bring in totally free website traffic and profits for you for a very long time.